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My Muse, A True Story!

Good morning, world.

On a productive “early morning writing session” like today, it seems fitting to retell this true story.

My Muse sure can be a little stinker, but I am so blessed to have her!

Make it happen,

Amy O.

A TRUE STORY! Early Morning, 4am.

MUSE: Psst! Wake up.

ME: *grumble*

MUSE: You just dreamed the last half of your script. Get up!

ME: I’m sleeping.

MUSE: Bacon. Do you smell bacon?

ME: *sniff sniff* Bacon. Bacon?! I’m vegetarian.
(turns over and snuggles in the covers)

MUSE: Did you leave the dog out last night?

ME: What? Sofie-Darla is right there.

MUSE: Psst.

ME: Go away.

MUSE: Psst.


MUSE: Psst.


MUSE: Psst.

ME: Fine! I’m up!

3 hours later: Completed Story Board for final half of the script.

Thank you for your persistence, Muse.”










*Originally posted on my Facebook page, May 2014.

Today, I fired a Main Character…

From my Twitter account:


For the past five days, I’ve *really* struggled with my Romantic/Comedy script.

The problem: The lead female character, Layne. While all the other characters are energized and ready for action, conflict, and humor, Layne drops the ball in every scene. There’s no chemistry between Layne and her romantic suitors.  She’s bland. She’s wimpy. She’s B-O-R-I-N-G!

So this morning, Layne got her pink slip. (Don’t feel sorry for her. Layne wasn’t right for this story, but perhaps there will be another opportunity for her in a future script.)

As it turns out, I have a character chomping at the bit to take over this lead female role. She auditioned for the part early on, and luckily was still on stand-by.

This new character is feisty, rebellious, outspoken, angry… a real firecracker!

It’s going to be really fun to write her in with the rest of the cast.

Make it happen!

Amy O.



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