"Live The Life You've Imagined." ~Thoreau

My Muse, A True Story!

Good morning, world.

On a productive “early morning writing session” like today, it seems fitting to retell this true story.

My Muse sure can be a little stinker, but I am so blessed to have her!

Make it happen,

Amy O.

A TRUE STORY! Early Morning, 4am.

MUSE: Psst! Wake up.

ME: *grumble*

MUSE: You just dreamed the last half of your script. Get up!

ME: I’m sleeping.

MUSE: Bacon. Do you smell bacon?

ME: *sniff sniff* Bacon. Bacon?! I’m vegetarian.
(turns over and snuggles in the covers)

MUSE: Did you leave the dog out last night?

ME: What? Sofie-Darla is right there.

MUSE: Psst.

ME: Go away.

MUSE: Psst.


MUSE: Psst.


MUSE: Psst.

ME: Fine! I’m up!

3 hours later: Completed Story Board for final half of the script.

Thank you for your persistence, Muse.”










*Originally posted on my Facebook page, May 2014.

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