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Kit10 goes to the vet

As with most kittens & young cats, Kit10 (known affectionately as “Dammit”), Dodger & Cookie can sometimes play just a little too rough.


Monday night, I noticed swelling on Kit10’s jaw… She either got bit or scratched.

We went to a vet clinic in San Antonio called VCA Health Associates this morning so they could drain/flush it & get antibiotics/ointment.

It’s located near the Animal Defense League of Texas in San Antonio, a no-kill shelter where I worked for a summer while in college.

The VCA Clinic had a Dog Side & Cat Side. Here is Kit10 checking out the birds on the Cat Side. Too cool & a nice distraction for the kitties.

photo 4


photo 2(2)All better!

photo 3(1)

The staff, the tech, the facility and Dr. Faye at VCA Health Associates were AWESOME! I was very pleased with the professional, friendly service.

After a shot of antibiotics, flushing solution and ointment, Kit10 is ready to get back home. 🙂

photo 5

Kit10 back home, enjoying a healing nap this afternoon.

photo 1(3)

As an added bonus, Grandpa picked up the tab for Kit10’s visit today. (Thanks, Dad!) ♥

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