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Tornado Warning in an RV!

April 27, 2015

4:45am: Tornado Warning!
photo 2(76)Hanging out with my pets in the Ladies Shower House with other RVers & pets after a cell phone alert that Polk County (Texas) was in a Tornado Warning.

Luckily, no tornado.

That’s when I realized that – since I’m now a full-time RVer, and will have to leave my home (RV) to seek proper shelter – I need a better plan!

After the storm had passed, and I was back home in my RV, I sat down to create this list of important items for a “Tornado Grab Bag”:
► Flashlight (the lights went out right after this photo was taken)
► NOAA Weather Radio
► HAM Radio
► Cell phone, already charged!
► Wallet (ID, debit card, cash)
► A small blanket/hand towel on which to sit
► Collapsible dog water bowl
► Small bottled water
► Leash always by the door
► Something to fan myself… it was very muggy & hot in there.

My Full Disaster Kit includes other items, but I didn’t lug it to the storm shelter with me.
This info includes specific items for dog, cat, bird, horse, and reptiles.

I also have a “Bug Out Bag” but it contains different items that what I need for a “Tornado Grab Bag.”

As a side note, I’ve stayed at this RV Park before, so I knew where to go. Unfortunately, many of the pet owners I talked to this morning (who were not in the storm shelter) either (1) didn’t know where to go, or (2) didn’t think they could bring their pets. So if you’re camping, staying in an RV, or even staying in a hotel located in a tornado-prone area, it’s a good idea to ask at check-in, “Where can I go with my pet(s) if there is severe weather?”

This ended up being a good “drill.”

‪#‎BePrepared #LessonLearned

“Gotcha Day” Anniversary – DODGER!

Two years ago this morning, I received a call from Michelle, the President of MARC at that time (McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition, MARCPets.org), about a litter of very sick kittens at the Waco (TX) shelter.


It was a Monday morning, and these little ones had spent the weekend in a cage with a little can of food shoved in there that they couldn’t even see, smell or eat because they were so congested and tiny. (Thank goodness the Waco shelter has come a long way since that day!)

The kittens had apparently been found in a sewage line, so they smelled absolutely disgusting. I agreed to Primary Foster the “Baseball Boys”: Ranger, Astro & Dodger.


Fallon, the MARC Foster Coordinator, was a patient coach as we tried everything to keep their weak little bodies warm.

That was also the day I was introduced to a “Snuggle Spaceship” (aka Snuggle Safe Heating Disc). Since I had stubbornly refused to have a microwave in my house up until that time, my brother & niece rushed me a spare microwave they had so I could heat the heating disc for the Baseball Boys.

SnuggleSafe (http://www.dog.com/item/snuggle-safe-pet-bed-microwave-heating-pad/020301/)

I rushed to meet them in the parking lot of a little wine bistro called The Grape, with stinky Dodger held to my chest for warmth.


Out of the three brothers, we thought Dodger was most likely to be the first to go to the Rainbow Bridge, but my “Biter is a Fighter”, and he was the only one who survived.

Then: Dodger2013   Now: DodgerLoveBite

Even after all this, I know he still merely tolerates me, and only because *his* Sofie-Darla loves me.

But I love you anyway, Dodger! Happy Gotcha Day, Turkey Neck!

Dodger2015     DodgerTreeDec2014

PS – Dodger makes for a good travel buddy, too! #RVLife

Dodger1     12212014_Dodger    photo 2(15)

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