"Live The Life You've Imagined." ~Thoreau

November 2015 – A wonderfully productive month!

November ended on a such a high note that I’m just now coming down off Cloud 9 to write about it!


First, there was #NaNoWriMo.

My story was Validated at approximately 8 p.m. (Central Time) on Mon., Nov. 30 with an official Word Count of 50,231.

11302015_WinnerWhat does this all mean?
My new Young Adult/Middle Grade Action/Adventure novel is now a tangible “rough draft” after only 30 days!

Writing an average of 1,667 words a day helped get the story out of my head and on to the paper (well, computer screen).

Unfortunately, it’s far from being “done” but it’s further along than it was 30 days ago. There are still several months of work ahead to revise, edit and polish it up, if I so choose.


Then, there was my photography.

The night before hitting my NaNo goal, I helped host the booth for the local Shutterbugs photography group at a “Keep Port Aransas Beautiful” benefit.




During the event, I visited with some amazing artists and intriguing locals, and several of my prints sold!  I donated all my proceeds back except for $1… to recognize the first sale of my renewed photography passion.

I also spent several hours during the month of November teaching myself how to use/work the fundamentals of Photoshop. It’s a massive program, and there is so much potential to create true artwork with my photography. Each week in November, I spent a couple of hours learning and applying a new technique for that week. Slow and steady wins the race, right?


November was a good month. It was incredibly, wonderfully and productively busy, but it was also over way too fast.

Luckily, December is promising to be just as rewarding!

Hope your November was equally as amazing and blessed,


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