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Remembering A Best Friend

04052016_AprilHeadstoneGrave02Ever know someone who lived her life with fearlessness and gusto that others might have called her reckless? But then, in hindsight, it was as if she knew her time was limited and wanted to do it all.

That was April, and I learned so much from her.

Yesterday, I took some pretty yellow flowers out to her grave site. It was peaceful, and I swear I heard her beautiful, hearty laughter in the back of my mind.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, April.

Happy Gotcha Day, Dodger!

04012016_Dodgers3rdGotchaDay_BestThree years ago on April Fool’s Day, Michelle, the president of McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition (MARCPets.org), called me about three tiny kittens who had spent the weekend in the Waco shelter with upper respiratory infection so bad they couldn’t see, smell or eat.

She asked if I could foster them, and I agreed.

We called them “The Baseball Boys” – Ranger, Astro & the little gray and white runt of the litter, Dodger.

These little kittens had been found in sewage, and good gracious did they reek! Yet we couldn’t bathe them because our first priority was to keep their fragile bodies warm. That afternoon, Dodger was so cold and lethargic, and I was afraid we were losing him. I jumped in my vehicle and held Dodger against my chest, with the stench of sewage less than foot from my nose, as I raced to meet my brother Trey & niece Abigail to pick up their spare microwave so I could use MARC’s heating disc.

We thought Dodger might be blind from the infection, but thankfully the medicine saved one of his eyes.

Otherwise, he’s grown into a hearty, healthy cat who is incredibly graceful, can snag a fly with one swipe, and makes the most impressive leaps, in spite of having only two dimensional sight.

He’s also a pretty good traveling kitty in the RV, and pesters me to put on his harness so we can go outside and explore. 

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