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Washing Away The Worries

06192016_RainsDuring the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling with several significant personal questions, such as whether to reconsider my RV summer travel plans, how to best assist a couple of animal welfare groups that are important to me, and to figure out why I was feeling so uninspired creatively.

After chatting with close family members and “inner circle” friends who I’m confident have my best interest at heart (as I do them), I discovered answers to most of my concerns, as well as a sense of relief that lifted my spirits!

Then, almost like a gesture of celebration, a large lone rain cloud formed overhead that same afternoon, which released a gentle but steady rain shower that lasted at least 30 minutes. As I laughed and lifted my arms to greet the cool raindrops pitter-pattering on my face, it was like they were washing away the last of my worries, and filling me with a sense of peace, purpose and gratitude.

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Happy 1st Day of Summer!

221_SunflowerSummer.jpgHappy First Day of Summer!

I’ve been on a “creative hiatus” of sorts these past few weeks due to RV travels and personal projects.

Fortunately, the time is right to return to my adventurous creative routine, with both photography and writing the next screenplay.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the photos and updates that will be posted over the next few days.


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