"Live The Life You've Imagined." ~Thoreau

About Me

DisneyHi! My name is AmyO.

I’m a proud Army brat who lived in many different places as a child. One could say the “seed of wanderlust” was planted at an early age – I loved the moving around every two to three years, and wouldn’t trade my childhood experiences for the world.

In 2014, I sold my 3-bedroom house in the suburbs and donated virtually all my belongings in order to pursue a lifelong dream of traveling the United States of America by RV, while writing screenplays and short stories. Along the way, I rekindled my love for photography, and enjoy capturing the beauty of Mother Nature through the lens of a camera.

I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drummer, so those who know me well were not too surprised when I announced plans to make this lifelong dream come true.

Puma2014_BestWhat gave me the courage to go for my dreams?

  • Prayer.
  • Planning.
  • Visualization.
  • Unwavering support from family & friends.
  • Persistence to overcome the “Terror Barrier.”
  • Keeping a journal to document both my desire to achieve this dream as well as the fears that could have (but didn’t!) sabotaged my efforts.

Thank you for visiting my Blog, and I hope you enjoy this virtual vicarious adventure.

08102015_FBProfileHold on to your cupcakes… here we go!


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