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Never Turn Your Back On A Wave!

01102017_thirdwavetooktheshell_aopSO LONG, SHELL!

This is the last photo ever to be taken of this pretty little shell.

Can you see the 2nd wave in the background? Well, behind it was an even bigger 3rd wave. In a matter of about 15 seconds, I was knee-deep in a powerful salt water surge, wobbling to stay on my feet, while the shell was quickly confiscated by the sea.

I politely asked the waves to give it back, but alas, that shell was long gone, baby!

I know, I know: Never Turn Your Back On A Wave.

Oh well, at least this farewell-to-the-shell photo turned out nice. ūüôā

Happy Monday, friends. ‚ô•



(Photo: AmyOakleyPhotography.com)

Rack ‘Em Up! A Night Out With One Of My BFFs


Last night was¬†“Girls Night Out” with my BFF Cheryl, woot woot!

We pretty much alternate who wins the game, and the other half of the fun is picking our favorite 70s, 80s and 90s songs at the jukebox so we have happy music while we play.

Lots of laughter, sharing¬†old memories, making¬†of new memories… it’s the best!

It’s simple moments like these that remind how incredibly blessed I am to have a close circle of inspirational, fun, talented, and fully trusted “soul sisters” in my life.

Even if we’re not always close by, we’re always close at heart.


Happy 1st Day of Summer!

221_SunflowerSummer.jpgHappy First Day of Summer!

I’ve been on a “creative hiatus” of sorts these past few weeks due to RV travels and personal projects.

Fortunately, the time is right to return to my adventurous creative routine, with both photography and writing the next screenplay.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the photos and updates that will be posted over the next few days.


Remembering A Best Friend

04052016_AprilHeadstoneGrave02Ever know someone who lived her life with fearlessness and gusto that others might have called her reckless? But then, in hindsight, it was as if she knew her time was limited and wanted to do it all.

That was April, and I learned so much from her.

Yesterday, I took some pretty yellow flowers out to her grave site. It was peaceful, and I swear I heard her beautiful, hearty laughter in the back of my mind.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, April.

Goodbye for now, Mustang Island.


After an amazing seven months at various locations here on gorgeous Mustang Island, it’s time to hitch up the RV and move on down the road.

One of my personal goals for 2016 is to haul the RV outside of the Texas state line, so this is a step in the right direction!

While I’m sad to leave Port Aransas, I’m equally excited about the new adventures yet to come…

Here are a few final photos from Mustang Island, 2016…¬†See ya down the road!








I Voted!


I always exercise my right to vote, even when I’m “on the go.”


Photography Project: 2016 Calendar!

Proof_DeskCalendarOn a whim, I decided to pick 12 of my favorite photos (13 including the cover) to create a 2016 Calendar for family and friends as a token of my appreciation for their support of my photography, writing and RV travel adventures.

It’s a beach-themed calendar, with a mixture of island flowers, beach birds, and “painting with light” using the reflection of¬†colorful restaurant patio¬†lights in the marina waters at night.

Proof_BookmarkIn addition to wall calendars and desk calendars, I also tinkered around with two-sided bookmarks.

Eventually, I would love to have something like this to offer for sale, with maybe a variety of themed calendars from which to choose.

But for now, I’m pleased with the project and the feedback.

Now, on to the next creative adventure!

November 2015 – A wonderfully productive month!

November ended on a such a high note that I’m just now coming down off Cloud 9 to write about it!


First, there was #NaNoWriMo.

My story was Validated at approximately 8 p.m. (Central Time) on Mon., Nov. 30 with an official Word Count of 50,231.

11302015_WinnerWhat does this all mean?
My new Young Adult/Middle Grade Action/Adventure novel is now a tangible “rough draft” after only 30 days!

Writing an average of 1,667 words a day helped get the story out of my head and on to the paper (well, computer screen).

Unfortunately, it’s far from being “done” but it’s further along than it was 30 days ago. There are still several months of work ahead to revise, edit and polish it up, if I so choose.


Then, there was my photography.

The night before hitting my¬†NaNo goal, I helped host the booth for the¬†local Shutterbugs photography group at¬†a “Keep Port Aransas Beautiful”¬†benefit.




During the event, I visited with some amazing artists and intriguing locals, and several of my prints sold!¬†¬†I donated all my proceeds back except for $1… to recognize the first sale of my renewed photography passion.

I also spent several hours during the month of November teaching myself how to use/work the fundamentals of Photoshop. It’s a massive program, and there is so much potential to create true artwork with my photography. Each week in November,¬†I spent¬†a couple of hours learning and applying a new technique for that¬†week. Slow and steady wins the race, right?


November was a good month. It was incredibly, wonderfully and productively busy, but it was also over way too fast.

Luckily, December is promising to be just as rewarding!

Hope your November was equally as amazing and blessed,


‎NaNoWriMo‬ Update РMidpoint 

‪Yesterday (11/15/15) was the half-way mark in the National Novel Writing Month challenge, aka NaNoWriMo, for writing a total of 50,000 words of a first draft in the month of November.

I’m excited to say that I’m ahead of the game with 28,431 words at the end of 15 days!


Many thanks to my NaNo Home Region for hosting online “Writing Sprints” almost every night. The writers in my group have logged more than 1,200,000 words collectively in just 15 days. Amazing.

Will I ever publish this book for others to read? Hopefully!

But the goal of this annual international writing challenge is to get our butts in the chair and the story on the page in 30 days.

I am optimistically confident that I’ll reach my word count goal before the end of November.

To all who are participating in Nano this year, I wish you the best of luck in finishing your story, too.

Write on!


Do You Have An Eye For Good Photos? I Need Your Help!


When I’m out adventuring on the island with my camera, I usually take a ridiculously large number of photos of any given subject, then narrow it down to a handful of the best shots.

From those, my goal is to pick just one; however, sometimes I can’t decide!

So I’m starting a new fun weekly “game” called #TopPickTuesday where I’m asking for your help to decide which photo out of two is the best.

Please take just a moment take a look at these two photos, and make your Vote in the comments.

You’ll really be helping me out!





Please leave your Vote (Photo 1 or Photo 1) in the Comments section. You’re also welcome to provide detailed feedback as to why you prefer one over the other.

Many thanks in advance for your help!


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